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The DIY Subdivision Kit

  Are you looking into subdividing a property as an investment strategy? Check out this extensive DIY kit designed to provide all the information you need so that you can take on that subdivision decision with confidence!


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The Ultimate Guide to Renovation – Oct 2014 launch

  One of Everyday Property Investor’s regular guests, property educator, mortgage broker and renovator, Jane Slack-Smith is opening up the doors to her very comprehensive and high quality course on Renovating for Profit.  She is currently in full swing with her launch video series – full of great information and based on some real-life case studies. […]



Suburb on the Spotlight: Buderim, QLD

Approximately 95km north of Brisbane, overlooking Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is a suburb that has consistently appeared in searches for viable investment locations. In fact in 2012, this suburb topped the list of the most searched suburbs in Queensland. We are talking about Buderim, With a land area of about 648, Buderim is a large and diverse […]

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Suburb Review: Zillmere, Qld (and case studies)

  (This is a shorter version of the suburb review we wrote for the June-July 2014 issue of Property Wise magazine.) For many investors proximity to the CBD is a big factor in selecting an investment property.  The issue that we face when trying to secure a property that is close to the CBD is […]


Suburb review: Kawana Waters, QLD (plus case studies!)

(This is a cut-down version of the suburb review we wrote for the April-May 2014 issue of Property Wise magazine.) When looking for a property investment location, two of the factors investors consider is the how attractive the area is for renters (do people want to live here?) and the potential for capital growth. Facilities, […]

Jill McIntyre

What’s Holding You Back “Taste Tester” Session – Jill McIntyre

  We all have goals  — some are easily achieved while the others seem to be too far-fetched that most of us find it easier to just give up on that vision.