property-seminarsA couple of episodes ago, my good friend Mastermind Jo and I had a chat about free seminars.  If you haven’t heard it you can check it at here – EPI Episode 48 – Something for nothing.  You see, not long ago, both Jo and I attended a bunch of free seminars.  Prior to those I must say I hadn’t really been to a lot of property seminars at all, in fact, I’d be pushed to think of any that I’d attended at all!  I was enticed along to a few seminars when I saw some of the speakers and recognised that these were people I was interested in hearing more from.  Namely, we saw Steve McKnight and Cherie Barber, who were both very good speakers and very engaging in terms of their audience interaction and the content they delivered.

I have to say that I’m now a little bit ‘hooked’ on the free seminar!  Perhaps it’s just because the email marketing companies who organise these events are bombarding me with invitiations!  Or perhaps it’s because right now I’m not in a position to buy a property for myself, so I’m getting my ‘property fix’ from going along to a seminar that talks all about property!  Either way, I’m now booked into two more free seminars that I’ll be attending in the next few weeks!

And I’m not the only one it seems!  I got an email from Mastermind Jo this week, who had attended a seminar through the week.  She forwarded me a course she was thinking of buying.  It was six thousand dollars!!  Of course I emailed her straight back to tell her she was crazy and and I thought she had been brainwashed!

Anyway, I was at home this week, working away on my computer (I work from my home office currently) when I got a phone call.  It was from one of the seminar marketing agencies asking if I was attending their upcoming seminar!  Oh my….seems that I’ve become such a ‘regular’ now on the seminar scene that the seminar marketing companies are actually ringing me to see if I’m attending!

I told Mastermind Jo how I had received that call and she sent back this great piece that I wanted to share with you – perhaps some of this rings true for you too!?

5 top ways you know you are becoming a seminar junkie

1.       You have to bring a friend to talk you out of the running to the line at the back of the room

2.       The seminar marketing agency call you personally to find out if you are attending

3.       Each week you have definitely decided what your next big thing is (changes each week)

4.       You have more than 2 free seminars lined up in one week

5.       You are on the verge of spending $5K on a course because you attended a free seminar