• Are you interested in learning about property investing with straightforward education and tips?
  • Do you want to build wealth through property investing and interested in a long term strategy for improving your financial position?
  • Are you trying to find out the basics of property investing – the strategies, tools, practical tips – to get you started?
  • Are you looking for support from others who have done and are doing the very same thing?
  • Are you an everyday person just wanting to take control of your financial future?

At Everyday Property Investing we are passionate about empowering you with the knowledge and skills to get in and get going with building your wealth through property investment.  We are all about bringing the knowledge to the you!  We are a building a community for people interested in learning and furthering their knowledge of property investment.

About Kaz

Everyday Property Investing - KazI purchased my first investment property back in 2002, with very little knowledge and very little money!  I just wanted to do something toward my financial future and property was appealing to me as it was a tangible, easy to understand form of investment.  With very little knowledge about property investing I made so many mistakes with that property and cringe to think of how much money I could have saved/made but didn’t!

Over time I become more and more interested in educating myself and learning all I could about investing.  The thought of having to work for someone else till I was 65 then retire on a measly pension was (and still is) frightening to me.  So I read books, searched the internet, read property magazines, joined a property group and did the best I could to learn.  It wasn’t until 2007 though that I really became serious and have focused on building a sustainable and growing property portfolio.  I believe that in a really short time myself and my partner have really made great grounds on building a financial future for ourselves and our family that will see us be able to work for ourselves on our terms….or just retire….in the not too distant future.   I am incredibly inspired by what my friend and colleague, Den, has achieved in the ten years he has been investing and know that I too am on that path to financial freedom.  That feeling is empowering!

At the moment I am a full time business owner (Property Zest Buyer’s Agency), passionate mum, occasional sailor and very bad mini-triathlete and fun-runner!  I am excited by investing in property and interested in many strategies – buy and hold positive cashflow property, property development and renovation are most interesting to me at the moment and I’m always on the looking for a run down renovation project!

I am very passionate about Everyday Property Investing and believe we have some great knowledge and experiences to share.  We are excited about motivating others to achieve success in property investing, to create wealth and to achieve financial freedom.  I truly believe that this property investing business works and is open to everyone who is willing to set goals and take action!

Mastermind Jo

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About Den

Everyday Property Investing - DenA part of the early Everyday Property Investing days, Den has not moved on!  Here’s Den’s take on being a part of EPI in the early days!

I purchased my first investment property in 2000 because all I knew was I needed to invest in something!  I knew I didn’t want to rely on government pensions to survive when I grew old, so my intention was to take complete control of my future income. I chose property more out of ignorance than anything else. Looking back, I spent way too much money and had way too little knowledge. Fortunately, property investment is a very forgiving kind of investment, and while I didn’t make as much as I could have I didn’t lose much either.

I changed jobs in 2002 and was able to spend more time learning about property investment. I purchased my second property using the equity from our first, already realizing how good investing can multiply your properties.

Through my research, I developed my own strategies to investing in property. I felt that I was very much learning my investment strategy and knew few other property investors. It was on a cross-country flight that I first saw a book which supported most of my property investing strategies. I asked the gentleman who had the book if I could borrow it and I read it cover to cover prior to landing. Reading the book led me to join a property group which is where I first found a sense of community.

My attitude towards investing grew more serious and in 2006, as a full-time student, I was able to purchase two more properties. I’m now well on the way to developing a substantial and secure property portfolio. Since then my portfolio has expanded to the point where it already gives me a great sense of security. I’ve also developed the right relationships in the property investing community, such as my friend Kaz, and the advice we share helps me continue to learn and make wise decisions.

Now I’m a full-time secondary school maths teacher and in my spare time I’m a passionate sports fan, lover of cheese and wine, occasional gym junkie and, of course, investor. I’m always eager to learn new skills and I’m continually growing my property investment knowledge.

I love to teach and I love to learn and that is why Everyday Property Investing is such a passion of mine. Kaz and I have already experienced the opportunities that investing can bring and we would love to share and help others do the same. I hope we can grow a community, learn from and support each other and all benefit in what I believe to be the most accessible investment type there is.