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Highlights in this episode:

00:17  Webinar: How to build a successful property portfolio with Jane Slack-Smith. Register now! 
01:12   Cool tool: Understand your market using the Census website
03:01  Suburb at-a-glance: Alderley, Brisbane
04:20  Quick tip: Inspired by Jane Eyles-Bennet from Hotspace Consultants—look at potential ways to get value out of your own home


  1. Cathie Tanaka says:

    Hi Kaz,
    I’d like to ask if you have any advice on buying small farmlet properties. I’ve looked at your website and listened to lots of your podcasts which have been really helpful in getting me to understand what property investment is all about, but have not found anything specific about buying rural properties, lifestyle properties or farmlets and wondered if you’d have any advice or would possibly do a podcast about this sometime?
    Thanks for a great podcast – entertaining and informative!

    • Thanks for the question Cathie, I will look into this topic further and get some expert advice and see if we can put a show together looking at ‘lifestyle properties’. Cheers, Kaz

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