Whether you are a first-time property buyer or an intermediate one; planning to buy in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, having a buyer’s agent work with you outweighs the benefits one could get from the initial savings on purchase price that you will likely get in a transaction. This article will look at the basics of using a buyer’s agent, regardless where you want to purchase a property because anywhere else, the principals here apply.

Before I became a buyer’s agent myself, I was (and still am, actually) out there, gathering all information I could get, investing on my knowledge bank. I did (still do!) all the investing work myself and being “out there” made me realise that there were things I knew that I didn’t know, and then there are some stuff that I didn’t even know that I needed to know!

So this brings me to  the importance of using a buyer’s agent. When I became a buyer’s agent, I knew the importance of understanding the role and being able to articulate the benefits of using a buyer’s agent. I was once an everyday property investor so I know that most people think using a buyer’s agent is all about getting a better price on a property since buyer’s agent has a good knowledge of pricing in an area and good negotiation skills. These skills are what   beginner investors don’t have, or they may have but are yet to be honed fully.

This is when having a buyer’s agent could be of good value. And the other benefits of having a buyer’s agent don’t stop at scoring a substantial savings from the purchase price of a property. There are more to using a buyer’s agent aside from this.  Think about it – this is a huge purchase and purchasing the wrong property or purchasing in the wrong location can end up costing you far more than money in the long term.

In the next few posts, we will delve more into the advantages of tapping the services of a buyer’s agent in purchasing a property. Whether you are buying  in Brisbane, Melbourne, or anywhere else; be it an investment property or your own home, the benefits of using a buyer’s agent are the same. These benefits have a lot to do with location, right property, and getting it at the right price. And we will tackle these in our coming posts.