Financial Freedom—Fast-tracking your success

Financial Freedom—Fast-tracking your success

  We’ve been writing about financial freedom and how property investing can be your tool to achieve this. Below are the links to the first two parts if you missed it: Financial Freedom—Finding the holy grail in property investing Financial Freedom—Determining your approach to investing In this post, we conclude our series by giving you […]

Four Property Investing Strategies for bigger profits

    There are more ways to make money in property than most people realise. Many property investors, like myself, concentrate on one or two property investment strategies. Most portfolios are negatively geared, positively geared (or positive cash-flow) or a mixture of the two. If you’re an enthusiastic investor, and you have a little time, […]

EPI 033 | How to turn your property investing into a great lifestyle forever

EPI 033 | How to turn your property investing into a great lifestyle forever

So you’re all geared up for property investing. You’ve got a plan to grow your massive property empire? Fantastic – but what’s your overall plan? What’s your exit strategy?  How much do you actually need to retire comfortably? Well, listen in as we talk through ‘the big picture’ on how to turn your property investing […]

Rich dad poor dad

  Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money-That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not! Robert Kiyosaki Kaz: I really do find Robert Kiyosaki’s books inspiring and extremely motivating.  I’ve read Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant (and possible another but it was so long ago that I […]

Are you closer to being rich than you think?

Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) says, “The world is filled with smart, talented, educated and gifted people…(who) are one skill away from great wealth.” I guess the trick is working out what that particular skill is! I am a big believer in perpetual learning. Recently I dramatically increased the amount of property-related […]

Property Development Update – Plans have been submitted!

Time for another update on the townhouse development project.  The full construction plans have been completed and submitted along with our building permit application to the local council! It was interesting to see my copy of the full plans which included: A text based summary of the proposal.  This talks about what we are proposing […]