Everyday Property Mastermind is back!

    About 18 months ago we ran the first series of our Everyday Property MastermindGroups and it was a great success!  We had many people purchase their first property during or not long after the Mastermind course and we had many people really take their knowledge and confidence in property investing to the next level. At long last, I’m excited to say […]

EPI 045 | Buying property in your self managed super fund

EPI 045 | Buying property in your self managed super fund

Things we talk about: Everyday Property Mastermind Active Property Network  Steve McKnight – From 0 to 130 properties in 3.5 years Cherie Barber – Renovating for Profit Jason Cunngingham – Where’s my money? Self Managed Super Funds Noel May & Associates – Accountants in Cheltenham, Victoria Quick Tip and Action: Assess your super situation to […]

EPI 043 | Everyday Property Investor – Jo Flood

EPI 043 | Everyday Property Investor – Jo Flood

I love catching up with Everyday Property Investing listeners who are out there and taking action in property.  Today’s interview is with Jo Flood, Everyday Property Investor, and previous Everyday Property Mastermind participant.  Jo has a good head for numbers and is keen to build her wealth and create a situation where she can spend […]

EPI 022 | What YOU want to know about property investing – Listener Q&A

SUBSCRIBE in iTunes: iTunes Store – Everyday Property Investing (NB: Need to have iTunes installed) This episode let you ask the questions – we’ve compiled a list of great questions sent to us from the Everyday Property Investing community and we dedicate this episode to answering some of these questions. We give you an update […]

The biggest mistakes property investors make: 3 – Listening to the wrong people

Successful property investing is easier than most people think. The mistakes that prevent most would-be property millionaires from realising their potential are predictable and easy to avoid. In this series of blogs, Den details each of the most common mistakes and how to ensure you don’t make them. Mistake number 3 – Listening to the […]

Property Investing and Masterminding

Something that Den and I feel strongly about is surrounding yourself with people who, like you and I, are passionate about property investing and about creating financial success through investing in property.  Something happens when you get a group of like minded people together, with common goals.  There is an energy about it that drives […]