EPI 059 | Mining Towns: Boom or Bust?

EPI 059 | Mining Towns: Boom or Bust?

Things we talk about Why invest in mining towns? – Growth -Cash Flow Types of mining town investments -Mining town -Larger and more established mining town -Larger regional centres with flow on effects Risks of mining town investments -Projects close down or don’t go ahead — meaning that vacanies increase, rental yield drops and values […]

Mining Town Investment – Hunter Valley – NSW

  The Hunter Valley Region is well renowned for tourism and for the production of wine.  It also happens to be the centre of New South Wales’ mining resources sector and the quiet achiever of the mining town property investment locations in Australia. When it comes to mining town investment for the Everyday Property Investor, the Hunter […]

Queensland Mining Towns: A preview

  If you’ve been researching about mining boom and its effect on property investing, you very well know by now that surge in workers taking advantage of mining projects mean there is more demand for residential properties for these workers. And if you’ve been keeping an eye out on areas where mining projects abound, Queensland […]