EPI 123 | Joint Venturing like a pro – with Matt Jones

What’s news

  • Matt – Settling back into life in Australia, buying on the Sunshine Coast
  • Kaz – Sunshine Coast market

Feature – Joint venturing like a pro – with Matt Jones

  • Property Investing Partners Academy
  • Taking Action
  • Setting people up to succeed
  • The excuse of ‘not the right time’!
  • Joint ventures

Quick tip and action

  • Something that came out of the discussion with Matt today for me was excuses.
  • Look at your excuses!
  • What is holding you back from taking the next step?
  • Is it time, money, knowledge – how can you overcome this?



EPI 122 | Analysing capital growth with Jacob Field

What’s news

  • Cate – Melbourne marketing happenings
  • Kaz – finally purchased an investment property after months of looking and a few failed offers!


Feature – Listeners’ Property Investing Questions

Jacob Field
  • Ripehouse
  • What’s been happening with Ripehouse software
  • How are people using Ripehouse
  • How does Ripehouse assess capital growth potential
  • API magazine reborn with Ripehouse

Quick tip and action

  • Go and check out the Ripehouse.  You can see the recommendation engine that we spoke about in today’s episode in action and see some of the amazing data that has been pulled together in this tool.



EPI 121 | Property Investing Q&A – with Kaz Young and Lisa Parker

What’s news

Property Zest - Buyer's agent and property investing mentoring
  • Kaz – Property Zest‘s new office on the Sunshine Coast!
  • Lisa – Home buyers are out and about! Negotiating after a property is passed in at auction


Feature – Listeners’ Property Investing Questions

Property Investing Questions
  • I have a unit that we’ve had for ages, it yields ok but I don’t think it’s grown much over the past few years and there’s lots of talk about unit oversupply so may not grow for the next few. Should I sell it and buy something else?
  • I have $700k to spend, should I buy one property in a blue chip area or two lower budget properties?
  • Is Winter a bad time to buy, should I wait until Spring?
  • I have a small deposit for a property, should I get something now or save up till I have a better deposit so can get a better property?

Quick tip and action

EPI 120 | Winning the Property Game – with solicitor Mark Game

What’s news

  • Kaz – finds her dream property, complete with asbestos roof and fence, unsafe structures, leaking ceilings and live termites!
  • Lisa – discusses standardised rating systems for properties and whether these are a good idea or not specific enough to an individual’s requirements and situation


Feature – Winning the Property Game – with solicitor Mark Game

Mark Game from Aylward Game Solicitors Interview with solicitor Mark Game from Aylward Game Solicitors in Brisbane:

  • Role of solicitor and conveyancer in the transaction and when to engage them
  • What due diligence/searches are involved in the process
  • What are some of the common issues or problems faced by buyers
  • Top tips for buyers

Contact Mark at Aylward Game Solicitors 

Quick tip and action

  • When buying in a particular state, try to use expertise from or very familiar with the property law of that particular state
  • Do you have a solicitor/conveyancer to work with?
  • Your team is important!  
  • Seek recommendations, talk to them first, understand fees, are the readily accessible?



EPI119 | Adjusting to a changing property market

Everyday property investing - podcast episode

EPI119 | Adjusting to a changing property market

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What’s news

  • Lisa Parker on being escorted to an open home by security
  • Kaz on making an offer–and being rejected!


Feature – How to adjust to the challenges of a changing market





  • Obtaining Finance
    • update your approval if you got it a couple of months ago or more!
    • adjust your budget
    • consider borrowing at lower LVR to decrease risk of finance being declined
  • Talk of changes to SMSF borrowing
    • Some banks exiting this space
    • Lower LVR
    • Talk – Considering changes to prohibit borrowing for property
    • Try not to buy unconditionally
  • Changes to depreciation allowances
    • ensure you are abreast of changes, get in any trips to rental properties before July 1st
    • unable to claim any trips to rental properties
    • unable to claim plant and equipment on rental properties that owner hasn’t paid for themselves, applied to properties purchased after May 9th 2017
  • Soft rental market
    • Make your house appealing!
    • Be realistic about rental expectations
  • Changes to first home owner grants
    • In QLD, $20k on new builds or OTP until 30th June, then back to $15k
  • Talk of negative gearing changes
    • Consider less negative gearing to mitigate risk
  • Interest rate changes
    • Lower LVR
    • Give yourself a buffer for interest rate changes
  • Growth rates slowing
    • Choose locations well


Quick tip and action

  • Have a look at your properties and your circumstances
  • Assess whether any of the changes we talked about may impact you and how you can change your strategy or actions to help
  • What are your interest rates and LVRs, insurances – landlord, building insurance, income protection
  • Assess whether you are sensitive to changes in the market, personal circumstances or circumstances outside your control and look at ways you could reduce your risk or act quickly where need be



EPI 118 | Five big investing mistakes

What’s news

  • Cate Bakos on auctions, lenders tightening the purse strings, pre-approvals
  • Kaz on making offers for herself


Feature – Big investing mistake



CATE: Five big investing mistakes

  1. Ignoring the TITLE TYPE
  2. Overlooking the limited scarcity value of a property
  3. Favouring brick over weatherboard for the wrong reasons
  4. Bringing Feng Shui into decision making.
  5. Believing agent’s underquoted price tags

KAZ: Five big investing mistakes

  1. Units
  2. Flooding
  3. Maintenance nightmares
  4. Housing styles bias
  5. Small blocks in outer suburbs, transport/facilities wilderness (deep suburbia)


Quick tip and action

  • Review the mistakes that Cate and I have covered off
  • Are you making of these mistakes?
  • Review your criteria for a good investment property and rid yourself of any ‘personal bias’ in your decision making, hopefully focus in on what makes a good investment



EPI 117 | What are your barriers to buying?

What’s news

  • Lisa Parker on securing your site when you’re undertaking a renovation project
  • Kaz on being festive!


Feature – Barriers to buying


  • Waiting for something better to come along
  • Identifying insignificant reasons
  • Analysis paralysis
  • Not seeing enough to make decision
  • Thinking it’s not a good time to buy – always
  • Unrealistic expectations of market
  • Unrealistic expectations of your budget
  • Psychological price points


Quick tip and action

  • Have a think about where you are at in terms of making your next purchase, whether it’s your first purchase or not.  
  • What’s holding you back?  Perhaps it’s money and you’re not quite ready to buy but perhaps it’s something else – are you busy and not really paying attention and perhaps you already have the money or equity available to buy?  I think this one is me at the moment!
  • Or perhaps there’s something else holding you back?  Maybe you heard a little bit of yourself in our discussion today!
  • Your mission – if you choose to accept – is to assess where you are at and make a commitment to a timeframe for buying and a list of actions you need to do beforehand and then get to it!

EPI 116 | Top Capital Growth drivers

What’s news

  • Buying at Christmas time–is it a good idea?
  • What are the pros and cons of buying during the holiday period?


Feature – Capital Growth drivers

Capital Growth


  • Kaz and Melbourne Buyers Agent Lisa Parker compared notes on what they think are the top capital growth drivers. The following made it to their list:
    • Demand/Supply
    • Population Growth
    • Transport
    • Facilities and Services, Infrastructure projects
    • Income
    • Surrounding suburb activity
    • Water
    • Schools
    • Proximity to cbd
    • Backing onto parks, creeks, walkways (depending on where you live!)
    • Family friendly areas
    • Character homes

Quick tip and action

  • Using the list of capital growth drivers, choose a city and a likely budget that you would buy in and identify a list of 3-5 suburbs that you think would fit the bill of a good growth location.
  • It’s a good exercise to get you thinking and who know, perhaps this is the list of your next investment property location?

EPI 115 | The Journey with buyer’s agent Cate Bakos

 What’s news

  • A quick chat with Melbourne Buyer’s Agent Lisa Parker about auctions
  • Kaz talks about when to pay asking price


Feature – Melbourne Buyer’s Advocate Cate Bakos


  • Cate’s investing journey for herself and helping others
  • Her 4 tips for those who want to get started:
    • Chat with a broker who knows his/her stuff and will tell you about your borrowing capacity
    • Think what you want out of property investing
    • Subscribe to a property investing magazine you’ll enjoy reading
    • Don’t be too scared and procrastinate into not doing something
  • Cate Bakos Property

Quick tip and action

  • Look back at your investing journey and assess the learnings and mistakes you’ve encountered, where have you been and where you are headed

  • Take the time to acknowledge that you are progressing–or if you haven’t started, why not start now?

EPI 114 | Bookkeeping requirements for property investors

What’s news

  • Cate Bakos (Cate Bakos Property) on the current market conditions in Melbourne
  • Entry level points for Units and Houses in Melbourne


Feature – Bookkeeping requirements and how to do it properly

In our feature segment today we talk to Penny Buchanan of The Property Investor’s Bookkeeper to talk about:


  • How much holding a property is costing you
  • So you have an accounting software—now what?
  • Why it’s important NOT to wait until the end of financial year to have things in order
  • Understanding your financials
  • The Property Investor’s Bookkeeper

Quick tip and action

  • Take a look at your investment property bookkeeping systems—are they working for you? Are you collecting information and are you going about it the right way?

  • Use a spreadsheet, Xero or any bookkeeping system or any online tool related to property investing –whatever you use, make sure it is working for you!