EPI 122 | Analysing capital growth with Jacob Field

What’s news

  • Cate – Melbourne marketing happenings
  • Kaz – finally purchased an investment property after months of looking and a few failed offers!


Feature – Listeners’ Property Investing Questions

Jacob Field
  • Ripehouse
  • What’s been happening with Ripehouse software
  • How are people using Ripehouse
  • How does Ripehouse assess capital growth potential
  • API magazine reborn with Ripehouse

Quick tip and action

  • Go and check out the Ripehouse.  You can see the recommendation engine that we spoke about in today’s episode in action and see some of the amazing data that has been pulled together in this tool.



EPI 117 | What are your barriers to buying?

What’s news

  • Lisa Parker on securing your site when you’re undertaking a renovation project
  • Kaz on being festive!


Feature – Barriers to buying


  • Waiting for something better to come along
  • Identifying insignificant reasons
  • Analysis paralysis
  • Not seeing enough to make decision
  • Thinking it’s not a good time to buy – always
  • Unrealistic expectations of market
  • Unrealistic expectations of your budget
  • Psychological price points


Quick tip and action

  • Have a think about where you are at in terms of making your next purchase, whether it’s your first purchase or not.  
  • What’s holding you back?  Perhaps it’s money and you’re not quite ready to buy but perhaps it’s something else – are you busy and not really paying attention and perhaps you already have the money or equity available to buy?  I think this one is me at the moment!
  • Or perhaps there’s something else holding you back?  Maybe you heard a little bit of yourself in our discussion today!
  • Your mission – if you choose to accept – is to assess where you are at and make a commitment to a timeframe for buying and a list of actions you need to do beforehand and then get to it!

EPI 113 | Tackling common property questions with Lisa Parker

What’s news

  • Property reports and data
  • Dealing with a seller with unrealistic expectations


Feature – Common property questions

In our feature segment today we get Lisa Parker’s take on some of those common property questions we’ve chatted about recently:


  • Houses vs Units
  • Buy and Hold vs Quick turnover
  • Capital growth vs Cashflow
  • Inner city vs outer suburbs
  • Build vs buy established
  • Buy PPR first vs buy IP first

Quick tip and action

EPI 111 | Find your ‘why’ and joint ventures with Matt Jones

What’s news

  • Melbourne Buyer Agent Lisa Parker climbing off her sick bed to speak to Kaz! Kaz in the midst of a backup contract saga.


Feature – Finding your ‘why’ and Joint Ventures with Matt Jones


Quick tip and action

  • Take a moment to think about your why.
  • Why do you want to invest in property, what is your motivation?
  • This is a good exercise to do along with your goal setting.  Goals are good but they are often not the reason that keeps you going
  • As we heard in our interview with Matt, you can make amazing things happen in your life if you have a strong why, you set some goals and you take action.

EPI 100 | Happy Birthday EPI – The best advice ever

 Feature – Best Advice

  • ListenersEPI-Birthday

    • Stuart: Invest in your own knowledge first.
    • Mark: The concept of leveraging good debt to invest.
    • Tiffany: Put all my savings into an offset account against my loan.
    • Serina: Leveraging your money: make your money work for you. Is my money working the best way it could be for me?
    • Kerrod: No one is going to care more about your money than you! The way to become wealthy is spend less than you earn and invest the rest.
    • Nicole: Start as early as possible.
    • Kelly: Best advice is “just get started”.
    • Karen: Jump in now. Why wait as there will always be a reason not to.
    • Cameron: Don’t waste all your money on your first car, invest in a property (from the old man).


Everyday Property Investing - Den
Jane Slack-Smith
Jill McIntyreMattJonesJane-Eyles-BennetBrendan Kelly
  • Den Overberg: There will never be a perfect time so might as well do it now.
  • Jane Slack-Smith: Success does leave clues—listen to what successful people has done and apply it to your situation
  • Jill McIntyre: Learn how to leverage from the strength and power of the team around you
  • Matt Jones: Property investing goes hand-in-hand with personal development
  • Jane Eyles-Bennet: Get a coach—someone who has done what you want to do.
  • Brendan Kelly: Success doesn’t come from one single event of one epic secret. It comes from a series of small things that you do consistently over a period of time
  • Jo Chivers: Acquire assets instead of liabilities
  • Nicole Slade: Mindset is the most important thing. And just be in the game. The longer you stay on the sidelines, the further behind you’ll get.
  • Nhan Nguyen: Think big and start small
  • Lisa Parker: Choose a strategy, be good at it and just keep doing that strategy.
  • Mastermind Jo: Use your money to buy an asset that will create a string of income for you.
  • Kaz: If nothing changes, nothing changes. Become a goal setter and write down your goals.
Jo Chivers of Property BloomNicole SladeNhan NguyenLisa ParkerScreen-shot-2013-06-26-at-11.44.58-AMKaz Young

Quick tip and action

Property investing advice
  • Write down something from this episode that really resonates with you, stick it up somewhere that you will look at it often.


EPI 095 | Signing on the dotted line – What now?

What’s news

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 4.06.19 PM
  • Mastermind Jo on waiting to settle on recent sale
  • No photos please! Is this the end of open inspections?

Feature – What happens when you sign the contract?

  • Deposit
  • Cooling off – how long, penalties, waiving
  • Finance – how long?, what happens, extensions
  • Building and Pest – how long, what if you find a problem
  • Quotes – renegotiating
  • Insurance
  • Other conditions you have included – access, advertising,  DA, subject to sale etc…
  • Auction
  • Property management
  • Pre-settlement inspections
  • Settlement
  • Back up contracts (knowing that contracts do fall over)



Quick tip and action

  • Make yourself a checklist for tracking key dates
    and activities in the time critical contract period.

EPI 091 | Property Entreprenur – Nhan Nguyen

What’s news


  • Selling a development site
  •  Negotiating


Nhan Nguyen



Quick tip and action

I’m putting something special together for our 100th episode which isn’t too far away and I need your help! Send me an email or a message on Facebook and tell me two things:


  1. What is the best piece of advice you have ever
    received that relates to property or wealth creation?
  2. What is the thing that you most want to know
    about or learn more about related to property
    or wealth creation?

One lucky contributor gets a pack of 3 property investing books! Entries close 14th August 2014.

EPI 090 | Finding the Deals


Things we talk about

Auction What’s news

  • Auctions
  • Letterbox drops, agent alerts, networking
Matt Jones Feature 

  • Matt Jones on Ways to Find Good Deals
  • Managing the process of looking for property
 Road sign- comfort zone Mindset

Quick tip and action

Desk calendar
  • Schedule your property time into your calendar
  • Have a systematic process and manage it
  • Follow the market in your chosen locations



The DIY Subdivision Kit


Are you looking into subdividing a property as an investment strategy? Check out this extensive DIY kit designed to provide all the information you need so that you can take on that subdivision decision with confidence!

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EPI 081 | Which way is your path to success?

Things we talk about

Contract What’s news

  • Finding another reno project
    (not THAT easy, it seems!)
  • A contract mistake that could
    cost a lot of money
woman_pointing_at_success_400_clr_7860 The Path to Success

  • How to determine your strategy
    in property investing
  • Goal — what, when, how
  • Strategy — how
  • Timeframe
  • Risk profile
  • Activeness
  • Financial situation
  • Creative financing

Quick tip and action

  • Write out your goal
  • Write out a statement of your