The biggest mistakes investors make: Mistake number 8 – Being uninsured

Successful property investing is easier than most people think. The mistakes that prevent most would-be property millionaires from realising their potential are predictable and easy to avoid. In this series of blogs, Den details each of the most common mistakes and how to ensure you don’t make them. Mistake number 8 – Being uninsured I […]

EPI 024 | In the Property Investing Lounge with Kaz & Den

In this episode we settle back on the couch, have ourselves a drink, wearing our furry slippers and chat about all things property in the property investing lounge.  This is a bumper what’s news segment with Kaz & Den – seeing that we have so much going on right now! Key points we talk about: […]

An easy way to increase your cash flow

Having a great relationship with your property manager can be a great way to increase your cash flow. It’s critical that a property investor maintains an enough cash flow to withstand the ups and downs of property investing. The ability to survive interest rate fluctuations and unforeseen costs is something that all good investors have. Two […]