The Complete Renovation SystemOk, so I admit it, I love watching ‘The Block’.  What strikes me as a bit odd about that show – apart from some of the contestants (!?) is that it is a show that talks about being all about renovation but you never get to hear about the numbers and renovating is a numbers game.

So, my friend, if you are thinking you’ll learn profitable renovation from watching ‘The Block’, well, let’s just say it ‘ain’t gonna happen’!!

The Complete Renovation System no longer being produced!

I’ve previously talked on this website about the education product that I used to learn all about how to do a profitable renovation project, it’s called The Complete Renovation System and it’s from Dean and Elise Parker. Dean and Elise have renovated a staggering 122 properties and developed 49 new townhouses.  They really are the quiet achievers of renovating for profit in Australia.

Yesterday morning, I learned from Dean and Elise that they are no longer producing any further copies of ‘The Complete Renovation System’!!

Rather than educating people like me about how to make a profit with renovation they are focusing on their passion – renovating and developing. Fair enough – BUT, that means there are only a very limited number of copies of ‘The Complete Renovation System’ left and then that’s it. No more!

It is a fantastic product, with video case studies, management spreadsheets, checklists – everything that you need to understand the deal and manage the project.

You can go checkout the full product details here – but make sure you read the rest of this article – I have a great deal for you!

Get yourself one of the last copies at $600 off the price!

If you are interested in renovation and want a quality education then you need to act fast. They believe that they only enough copies left to last for another few weeks.

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I can’t recommend this product highly enough. I’ve even used it to conduct my own PROFITABLE renovation project.

Here’s what you need to do:

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  3. Go find yourself a profitable renovation project!
Oh – them make sure you tell me about how it went later!