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In our first every episode of Everyday Property Investing we:

  • Introduce the Everyday Property Investing show to the world.
  • Talk about what this show is about, who it’s for and what makes it different from other property investment shows.
  • Introduce the ‘success mindset’ for property investing.
  • Discuss topics we’ll cover and guests we’ll talk to along the way.

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Everyday Property Investing – Podcast Episode 1

This is Everyday Property Investing Episode 1. The show empowering everyday people to create wealth and achieve financial freedom. So get on board, anyone can be a property investor. It just takes a little knowledge, some support and some action. So get started with us today.

Kaz: Hello and welcome.  I’m Kaz and I’m very excited to be here today as we introduce this Everyday Property Investing show to the world.  On today’s episode we are going to talk about, a little bit about who we are, what this show is all about, who it’s for and what we are aiming to achieve, which should be some of the reasons that you might find Everyday Property Investing is relevant for you.

So I’m joined today here with my co-host Den. Hey Den, how you going?

Den: I’m great thanks Kaz, how are you?

Kaz: Yeah, really good thanks Den.

Den: Really exciting to be here. I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m really looking forward to making a few podcasts and see how we go producing this show.

Now tell us Kaz, tell me a little bit about yourself.

Kaz: Well, let’s see. I have had an interest in property for some time and I actually bought my first property in 2002 but I really didn’t know a lot about it at the time so I kind of sat on that property for a long time and didn’t do much more actually.

Den: Funny that, I’m about the same. I bought my first property about 10 years ago, I really didn’t know much about property investing and I ended up buying a place which probably wasn’t the best buy but it was something that I did just because I thought ‘I want to invest in property’.

Kaz: I remember asking the real estate agent when I bought this place, he, I had no idea how to make an offer and he said no you write it here, here’s a bit of paper, just write it down here, and I was like well, how much do I need to offer, and he said well they want $150,000 so I thought all right, well, I’ll just write $150,000 down and so I pretty much took all my instruction from the real estate agent which in hindsight seems pretty crazy!

Den: Yeah, I don’t know if real estate agents are the best financial advisors on the planet. No offence to any real estate agents, but they’re the sort of things that we have done and obviously we have made a few mistakes. So we hope that we can save something or we can teach you something that might be a little bit new and might be able to avoid some of the mistakes we have made.

Kaz: Absolutely, I mean from those early days I have certainly sort of grown a passion for real estate and property investing and I’ve tried to learn a lot more and I’ve tried to read a lot of books and attend a lot of seminars and groups and talk to people so I think I’ve come a long way, but it really is quite a journey to get to a point where you feel like you are getting somewhere and being successful.

Den: Absolutely, I’ve spent a lot of time as well, bought so many books on property. Looked at thousands of articles and I must have done research, had a look at all sorts of things. So I think now I feel like I’m at the point where I actually have something to offer and I’ve actually got something that I know a lot about, and I can probably not make a lot of the mistakes again, I have already made them once and once is probably enough for me.

Kaz: Absolutely, I mean you have come an awfully long way as you said you bought your first place in 1999 but even though I bought mine in 2002 I think you have progressed quite a lot further than I have in that time.

Den: Yeah, probably because I have made more mistakes!

Kaz: Maybe that’s the key!

Den: So, I’ve done more things and I’ve made more mistakes and I’m now at the point when if I look at buying a property or at selling a property or really anything to do with a property, I go in with a lot of confidence because I know that I’ve got the research behind me, I’ve got a lot of experience behind me and I can have a crack at doing something really well.

Kaz: Yeah, and I think the great thing, I’m really excited about property I’m really passionate and I see it as a real way that you can take charge, you know, control your own financial future, that’s the key I really feel like my destiny at the moment is in my hands because I’m doing something active and that’s what a lot of people out there aren’t doing and the difference is the people that take action actually get somewhere, and I think that what it’s all about in the end. We are both taking this property investing journey to success and we are at different places but we are both moving and that’s the key.

Den: Absolutely. So, what is it that you actually want from investing in property?

Kaz: Well I look at, I think I want to retire rich really and soon if possible!

Den: You’re probably not the only person, but what else, what is it really that you are doing it for?

Kaz: Um, I really, I really do want to look at securing my future for myself and my family and looking at being self sustaining. So I’m not, you know, tied to somebody else’s idea of a good job for me and a good salary for me or tied to the idea of the government’s idea of a good pension for me in fact. So for me it is that control over my future and you know building wealth and it does take a while but I’m you know, I’m in the journey for the long haul.

Den: Absolutely the same. I’m also looking at security, that’s the number one thing for me. If it means I retire early or if it means I just retire more comfortable, what I’m looking for is security. And I don’t trust that my superannuation or that the government are going to look after me as well as I will, so I know my interests are at my own heart and I should be able to do what I do and then make things a little it more comfortable.

Kaz: Exactly. The person who has the most interest in your financial future is you, so I agree.

Den: So now you know a little bit about who we are, let’s talk of what the show’s about. Kaz, what’s this show to you?

Kaz: Well one of the main things I think that I’d like to get out of this show or hope that people can get out of this show is education and knowledge. I think that there’s a lot of sources of information out there about property investing and a lot of people use those sources, books, seminars, websites or they attend groups, but that knowledge sometimes can be quite scattered and it’s difficult to sift through and make sense of things sometimes. I think, often things can be presented in a way that is complex or just difficult for the everyday person to really digest well. Another thing that I think is that the information can be boring so it’s really hard to get hyped up about stuff when it’s boring so, you know.

Another thing that’s important is that information can also be conflicting and at the end of the day I think it’s important that we are responsible for our own financial future as we’ve been saying, so the best way for you to understand is to arm yourself with the knowledge. So education and knowledge, I’m hoping that Everyday Property Investing will bring the knowledge to the people in a way that is informative, it’s interesting, it’s relevant and hopefully entertaining.

Den: Fantastic.

Kaz: How about you, Den. What do you think?

Den: Well certainly education and knowledge. I know that there are times that I’ve been reading books and just had no idea what they are talking about and I found that really disconcerting and it can be really discouraging.

Another thing that I think is really important is to support and create a community of people that are like minded that are interested in doing a similar thing, I know that when I started investing in property I had no one that I could ask questions of. I had no one that I could talk about things with, I had no idea how to set up my loans, I had no idea about anything. And I think just having some sort of community is fantastic.

It’s really hard when you are starting to find people who are thinking the same way, who are willing to actually share information, who are willing to talk about what they’ve done well, what they’ve done wrong, where they’re buying and all that sort of stuff.  It’s also great when you find yourself in a community of people that think the same way and that are happy to sit down and share their ideas and I think a group of people can achieve a lot more than one person going by themselves. You can also get people that understand part of the journey but don’t understand another part to change information with people that understand the other part, and so on. So you can get a great overall picture. So, and I’m a teacher so I’m really into learning and I’m really into discovering things. So being quite passionate about learning and being quite passionate about teaching, I love the idea that I can help other people to achieve the sort of success and satisfaction that I have found myself.

Yeah, and Kaz, if you think about how we actually met, it came from this idea of community.  Kaz and I had been investing in property for a while, we had no idea that each other existed until we went to a seminar and we got along well and I started talking to Kaz about the fact that there was no community that I was a part of and that people that I might speak to at work or in my social life who are interested in property, had no one either that they could talk to. So ultimately we decided that we would form our own community we’d help each other, we’d support each other, share ideas and that sort of started forming this community. Now we are at the point where we think maybe these communities are lacking so maybe this is an extended way that we can form our community and make it a little bit larger and supportive of people who really want it.

Kaz: I guess that’s an open invitation isn’t it to everyone out there!

Den: Well I suppose, look, we’ve got a podcast, and we want to do it because this is something I really believe in. I really believe in community and I really believe in sharing. The one way we know how to share is to maybe do a few things like that even if we feel a little bit self conscious or you know, have a little bit of fun making podcasts, throwing it up on a website and seeing if there are people that we can help as well.

Kaz: So if you think that you are one of these people who might benefit from having a look at some interesting information on our Everyday Property Investing website or listening to further podcasts, then go on over to and over there there’s blog posts, Den and I are both posting about what’s going on in our lives in terms of property and just interesting information that is available for you for free to have a look at there. You can also sign up for the newsletter and that way you’ll be informed of when new podcast episodes are available and just keep your eye out there for lots of interesting information that could be helpful for you.

Kaz: So Den, we’ve talked a little bit about how we believe that Everyday Property Investing is all about education and knowledge, support and community, who do you think are the sorts of people who would benefit from this show?

Den: Well, I think from my experience, so many people think property investing is exclusive, it’s something that rich people do and if you have 1 or 2 investment properties you must be rich, and I think that it’s really important for people to understand that it’s something that everybody can access. If you are a little bit careful with your money. You know, I’m a teacher, one of the things that people say to me is well teachers don’t earn very much money so if you’re not earning much money then how do you afford to be a property investor? And I think that’s the main theme of what I want to get across, that you don’t have to earn a million bucks to invest in property and that even on an ordinary sort of income, you can make a big difference to your future security.

What about you Kaz?

Kaz: I absolutely agree with you. I think that there is a perception sometimes out there that property investing is for the rich and the everyday person couldn’t possibly be involved in property investing, it’s just far too hard, or I don’t earn enough money, or I’ve got too many bills to pay or whatever, and it’s just so not true. It’s so achievable and it’s so attainable and everybody can be involved. That’s one of the key things that I really want to get across to everybody, that you can do it, and like we say, a bit of education, a bit of knowledge, a bit of support and a good community around you and you can do it!

Den: Yeah, I agree. Another thing I thought is that a lot of people seem to think that if you’re going to be a big investor that you need to somehow lack in ethics. And I think that there are a lot of property investors who they just want to get a proper investment, they look after their tenants, they treat people well and they do the right thing and they do build their own wealth form it. So it’s not something where you need to be a real shark or lack ethics to do.

So Kaz, tell me, when during your property investing career, if you will, do you think you would have made a real use out of listening to something like this podcast?

Kaz: I’d have to say definitely when I started out because as you heard earlier on, I was asking the real estate agent about how to go about putting in an offer and when he promptly told me how much I should offer, I pretty much offered what he said, so there’s a tip for young players.  Starting out I think having something like this, the Everyday Property Investing podcast, the website, something where you can go and learn from, I think when you are starting out would be really beneficial.

Den: Fantastic. You know one of the things that I did was when I started investing, I had no idea how to set up my finances, I really was just using my own ideas with this is how I should budget, this is how I should organise my finances, tax, is something that even now I’ll read books and they start talking about tax and I won’t be able to make head nor tail of what they are talking about.  So I have to go to an accountant to find out information. Now I’m not a taxation officer, I’m not a guru by any sense, but I know what I’ve learnt and I know what I understand and I think there are time and time again I would have loved to have access to the sorts of podcasts that we are planning on making so that I could find out basic information pretty easily and spoken to by people who just speak my language.

Kaz: The other thing I think is important is when you are first starting out or when you start telling people, you get excited. I’m going to invest in property, I’m going to buy a property, oh, no, no, no, interest rates are going up, no, you shouldn’t do that, you should pay off your own home first. You know those sorts of bits of information and I think often they’re misinformation and they’re advice from people who aren’t actually investing in any properties and so this sort of podcast and building this sort of community is about meeting with likeminded people and getting support from people who are doing this, who are interested in doing this and not necessarily  listening to the naysayers. Because there will be naysayers out there.

Den: I think there always will be.  Another thing that I think is a great piece of advice I was given, quite a few years ago, and it was ‘you don’t get rich from what you earn, you get rich from what you invest.’ And to me it was a fantastic piece of information because it said to me that I didn’t have to be constrained by having what was a relatively small income. It was about what I did with my investment money that made the difference. So to be able to reach out and give people some messages, to say, you know you can do this, you know, no offence, but we’re not anything special, we’re not the sort of people that walk into a room and people will turn around and go ‘Ooh..there they are’. So we’re just normal people who have got normal jobs and normal families and live in normal houses, not in rich suburbs and not with heaps of family money or anything like that, who have started this journey, who have made stacks of mistakes and who really want to be able to share some information, in the way that we really wish that someone had done with us.

Kaz: Sounds like there’s pretty much something for everybody in this show, whether you are starting out and just need to learn the basics and really get into it or you already have an investment property or maybe even two but you’re not quite sure how to take it to the next level. We pretty much have something for everyone I think.

Den: I think so and you know just quietly, one of the reasons why I’m really interested in doing this is because I am a big believer that you learn something when you teach it and you learn it better by teaching it. So if I’m here helping other people to understand their properties and to understand investment and to understand where to look and what sort of properties are great, I’ve got this feeling inside of me that I’m probably going to understand it all a little bit better myself. So it’s a real motivation for me to make sure what I talk about is something I believe in and that I really understand things because I know in the long run it’s going to help me as well.

Kaz: One more point I want to make out of that Den, is that we are really interested in what you guys have to say and the comments and the experiences that you’ve had as well because as we’ve said the best mistakes to learn from are other people’s and the best triumphs to share in are often other people’s as well and so if you have a comment or a story or a question that you want to send in then you can reach us at

Ok, so I thought I’d just tell you a little bit about the standard format for each Everyday Property Investing episode, just so you can get a bit of a feel for what we are about and how we are going to present the show each week and you can know what to expect. We’ll start out each week with a bit of ‘What’s news’ so we’ll talk a little bit of Kaz and Den ‘What’s news with property’ and just what we’ve been up to during the week and any sort of experiences or things that we want to let you know about or mistakes we’ve made or just things that we’ve found in the news that are topical.

We’ll then have a feature segment for each episode. That could be just a topic that we are talking about and trying to learn about or it just might even be an interview with someone who is known in the field or even not so known in the field of property investing. I think it’s really important to hear about experiences from the everyday person who is out there and doing this because theres’s lots of people and sometimes you know you hear those stories of the guru who has bought 28 properties and that story can sometimes, I mean gosh its inspiring, but it can also be a little bit so far out of reach that you just can’t relate to it. So we are going to have people on the show who have the 28 properties and have the millionaire lifestyle maybe but we are also going to have the mum and dad investor and the everyday person out there who is getting on with it and doing it.

So we will have a range of people, we’ll also have experts in their field such as people in the accounting area or mortgage brokers to talk about specific topics that we might have for the day.

Then each episode we will also like to answer a question that we’ve been sent from listeners. So if you do have a question as we’ve said earlier you can email us at and we’ll endeavour to get these questions answered and to read them out on the show.

Then each show we’ll also like to end up with a bit of a quick tip and an action for that episode. So a quick tip, just something that is, that we may have come across or we may know about or someone has sent us in that has helped people with their property investing. So it might be a website or a book or you know, just a theory or strategy and then also an action. I think it’s really important that we remember that with each episode we are trying to talk about and to learn, but unless we are getting out there and doing anything, nothing is going to happen. So giving you an actionable item from each episode that you can go away and take from that episode and put it into play.

So that’s kind of how our standard format should go.

Den: So with that in mind it’s time for this week’s quick tip. This week’s quick tip is a pretty easy one. So what we’d like you to do is just start moving with your property investing journey. So jump onto our website, it’s, sign up to our newsletter, send us an email and don’t forget to head on over to iTunes to subscribe to our podcasts.

Kaz: So that’s it for today’s episode. Thanks Den, I’ve had a great time.

Den: It’s been fantastic, really good fun.

Kaz: And next episode we’re going to be talking about how you need to get your mind ready for property investing and how you can go about doing that. So we’ll see you next show.

Den: Until then

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