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In today’s episode we are getting down to business!  Previously we’ve talked about determining strategy, setting goals, assessing finances, looking for property locations to investigate and today, we’re focusing on how and what to do to find the right investment property for you.  We have some important things to consider as well as some practical tools and websites to help you.

Our listener question from Simone is all about buying site unseen.

Our course we have our quick tip and action that will get you going on finding that property!

Key points we talk about:

  • Considerations when searching for the right property
  • Great places to look for property online and offline
  • How human relationships are important for finding great property deals
  • Buying site unseen

Things we mention:



  • Find 3 properties in your chosen areas and find out:
    • Annual Growth
    • Median Price for that type of property in your location
    • Rental Yield
    • Vacancy rates


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