EPI 017 | Real estate research made easy – Interview with Matthew Brandon from Real Estate Investar

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In this episode of Everyday Property Investing we keep you up to date on where we are at with our property goals and we have a great interview with Matthew Brandon from Real Estate Investar who tell us all about his background in property and some of the lessons that he has learned.  Matthew and Kaz also talk about Real Estate Investar software, which is a great tool for doing your property research.  You can check out Real Estate Investar here in a quick tip video that Kaz made a little while back.

Our listener question comes from Ruth who asks about obtaining early access to a property for the purpose of commencing renovations.

In our quick tip and action we have a great way to access some awesome property education materials free!

Key points we talk about:



Special Announcement!

Next episode is going to be a massive, massive episode, so make sure you listen out for it – we’re covering one of the most important things you need to know as a property investor as well as making a big announcement about Everyday Property Investing – so keep listening!


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