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This is a truly MASSIVE episode of Everyday Property Investing!

We cover THE most important calcuation you need to know in property investing – cashflow.  It’s really important that you make your property investing decisions with a good understanding of what a property will be costing you or making you to ensure that you are in line with your property investing strategy.   So this episode, we go though an in depth run down of what you need to do to calculate your investment property cashflow.

In this episode we also talk about our new group mentoring program, Everyday Property Mastermind.

Our listener question comes from Jeremy who asks about finding like minded investors with whom to talk property investing.

In our quick tip and action we have a great free Property Cashflow Calculator spreadsheet that you can access via our website, by just signing up to our EPI mailing list.

Key points we talk about:

  • Property cashflow
  • Masterminding



  • Download the free Property Cashflow Calculator spreadsheet and calculate cashflow for 3 properties that you have found.  You can access the free Property Cashflow Calculator by signing up to our mailing list.  If you are on the mailing list then we’ve sent you out a link to get access to this handy tool.

Special Announcement!

Everyday Property Mastermind is coming soon!  Check out the videos here and sign up if you’re interested in these group mentoring sessions we are offering.

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