EPI 023 | Interview with Ben – Everyday Property Investor

This episode Kaz & Den give you the latest with their property news – Kaz is all reno-ed out (but still has several weeks to go!) and Den is all pumped up about buying (again!!).

We have a great interview with Ben, who is an Everyday Property Investor.  Ben has a strong drive to succeed in life and so has tried and is trying his hand at many things – from building business to renovating and developing property.  You’ll be inspired at how a software engineer by day/jumping castle manager by weekend can fit in a few renovations and a development project!

Key points we talk about:


  • Head over to the Everyday Property Investing facebook page join the conversation.
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  • Review your goals and make sure that you have a clear ‘Why’ that will keep you motivated when things get tough.
  • Also – reward yourself!  Setting a reward that is appropriate for the goal and is meaningful to you will keep you going!

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