Here’s a situation we’ve probably all faced at one point or another.

We want to invest in our first (or second…or third…etc) property but we just don’t have a enough money.  So what do we do?

Well…we listen to this podcast!  In this episode we are talking about how to get started in property investing with very little money.  Now some might be thinking there is some magic bullet (the kind that comes with a wad of cash to invest) but it’s Kaz & Den here, not some hypey salespeople, so we’re ‘keeping it real’…er…dude..!

Things we talk about:

  • Working out what you have – assets, equity, cashflow
  • Decreasing expenses
  • Setting goals
  • Increasing cashflow
  • Committing to property investing
  • Partnering up with others for property investing


  • Set yourself a goal to cut expenses/increase your savings by $50 per week right now and commit to it.
  • Put your extra money somewhere to build your deposit – or – if you have a mortgage on your own home then put this extra money on your mortgage.