Thought about diversifying your investment vehicle?

Today’s interview may make you think about doing just that!  We talk to accomplished author, expert share trader, keen property investor and soon to be property developer, Justine Pollard from Smart Trading.

Justine is inspiring with her story of investing, so inspiring in fact that I even purchased here Share Trading book (available on her website) after doing this interview!

Things we talk about:

  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Again!  This seems to be a catalyst for many a successful investor’s beginnings!)
  • Share Trading
  • Property Investing – in Australia and the US
  • Smart Trading – Justine’s share trading education site
  • Mastering Investments – the investing course that Justine put together with a bunch of share and property experts.  We have a massive listener discount special available on this course, a whole $300 of the regular price – check out the Mastering Investments Christmas special (until Dec 25 only!).