EPI 038 | Property Investing Success – Interview with Jane Slack-Smith

What a wealth of property investing knowledge and experience is our fantastic guest for this episode, Jane Slack-Smith, from Your Property Success.

Jane has amazing knowledge and in this interview we get to find out how Jane became involved in property investing, the sorts of strategies she has implemented.

Jane has a fantastic property education product on the market which is a great, affordable option for people wanting to learn about property investing.

Things we talk about:

  • Property Investing
  • Evicting tenants
  • Getting your finances in order
  • Finding positive cashflow property
  • Mortgage interest rates
  • Successful property investing with the awesome Jane Slack-Smith!


  • Ask your bank for a better deal on interest rates – yes, again!!
  • Think of one action that you could implement that will improve your financial situation – be it cutting spending, increasing saving, improving your financial management…


  1. So, when did she put her prices up. Wasn’t it mentioned on the podcast that her course was $150? Now it is closer to $1000. Am i missing something?

    • Hi Paul, you can buy Jane’s courses individually or as a package deal, so that will determine the price. If you’re unsure at all you can always email or call Jane about which one is best to start out with – she’s very friendly!

    • Good question Paul and thanks for checking out the courses.

      As Kaz mentioned I have been running courses face to face around the country for years. The Community college courses in Sydney for a day are my way of giving back and living my commitment of making quality education affordable. I realised a few years ago the only way I could spread the message, without the cost of my time, and hence the ability to deliver cheaper courses, was through delivering my experience and that of many property experts was on line over the web. Hence I have a number of on line courses and resources ranging from $29 to $297 each however if you buy five of the courses you don’t pay $1485 I have a 33% discount so they are $995 plus $600 worth of DVD’s from a recording of a $1995 face to face seminar as a free bonus. I think this is the $1000 you mention.

      I believe you don’t have to be rich to learn how to be rich and hence the price points of my education. Funny thing is though some saw the cheap community college courses and think that any course under $200 would not have the content they want and they opted for the $995 day course I use to run with 70% of the same material. As we know it is horses for courses. I just want to give us much as possible and leave it up to the individual to decide what they need for there education and what they are willing to pay for it. I just wish 15 years ago when I started I had a “Advance to Go and Collect” card that fast forwarded me to where I am today. That is what I am trying to provide to others.

      All the best with Your Property Success if I can be of assistance please let me know jane@yourpropertysuccess.com.au and for information on the courses ( and three free full training videos) see the link above.


  2. You can BE RICH, Every person who has ever dared
    to dream of becoming rich


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