Well it’s about time!  About time, that is, that we answered some of the questions we’ve been sent over the past few months!

Things we talk about:

We really appreciate the questions that you send in and do our best to answer them individually.  This episode gives us a chance to share our responses with the EPI listeners and discuss the issues that you’re interested in.

In this episode we cover questions from:

  • Robert – Low Doc Loans
  • Tim – Tax Variations
  • Michael – Buying where you know or diversifying your location
  • Dion and Nicki – Buying on a Highway

We have heaps more questions we’d love to cover and so we’ll be doing a few more Q&A episodes coming up to get through them.  We love the great questions and hope you keep them coming!

Quick Tip/Action:

Do a  little ‘property immersion therapy’ to rejuvenate your enthusiasm and motivation for investing – this could be going on a property road trip, reading a property magazine or jumping onto a property website and looking around at what’s available!