EPI 044 | More things YOU want to know about property investing

Things we talk about:

This episode we tackle more fantastic listener questions covering topics such as:

  • Free property investing seminars – what questions should you ask yourself?
  • Buying property in a dodgy area – is it worth the risks?
  • Making offers and negotiating prices – is there a rule of thumb?
  • How do you calculate the yield of a property?

Quick Tip and Action

What property investing tax and accounting questions do you want to be answered?

Send them in via our contact page or our Facebook page and we’ll have them answered by our very own EPI accountant, Noel May.


  1. Hey Kaz,

    Best of luck with your move to the sunshine coast. Good to hear things are working out so far.

    Do you have a forecast of what the future might bring to the overall property market. I can see many tensions between collapsing debt based economy vs our strong resources led economy and property capacity issues. When the US and EU come to a reconing and/or when the resource boom slows.

    Den, sorry your out of time and giving up your casting. Thanks for all your effort, its been great!


    • Hi Carlo

      Thanks for your comments and good wishes for both Den and I.

      Looking at your email address I’d say you’d be better at forecasting than I! I would like to think that we will see some overall steadying and possibly even low level growth in some areas – it’s such a difficult thing to apply blanket statements to the overall property market as there are just so many markets acting within ‘the market’. I tend to watch and listen to some of the respected property market commentators, such at Terry Ryder and I think that my views on where property prices are headed in various regions are often influenced by my reading on the topic rather than my own financial forecasting or economic knowledge.

      Really pleased that you are enjoying our show and thanks so much for participating!



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