EPI 061 | How to sell your property and get the best results

Things we talk about

  • Why sell your property
    • Need to sell!
    • Opportunity cost
  • Selling your own home without an agent
    • Websites to assist: For Sale By Owner, Buy My Place
    • ✔ Pros: Save on commission
    • ✘ Cons: You need to market, you are not objective, you need to show people around your home
    • My advice: Don’t be a tight arse—fork out the money!
  • Choosing an agent
    • Past experiences you’ve had with agents
    • Word of mouth
    • Conversation and communication
    • Matching philosophies
    • Fees: Don’t quibble over 0.5%, pay for advertising
  • Pricing and Strategy
    • Auction versus Private Treaty
    • No Price, Price Range, Set Price
    • Leave room for negotiation because it will always happen
    • Realistic price setting—
  • Preparing your home
    • Street appeal
    • De-clutter
    • Finish off the half-done jobs
    • Focus on the things that make you money or make you a sale
  • Closing the deal
    • The first offers you get are often the best
    • Weighing up an offer
    • Look at the conditions as well as price

Quick tip and action



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