Things we talk about

A bonus podcast episode today! We interview everyday people Serg as he talks  about his property investing experience using a buyers agent for  his recent Mackay purchase. Serg represents the typical property investor who may not be laser-focused on his investing strategy but he does know that  if he keeps accumulating good properties, in good locations and with solid growth prospects then he’s likely to come out on top. We all have something to learn from Serg’s experience. 

  • Everyday Property Investor Serg on his recent Mackay purchase using a buyers agent
  • Why Mackay?
    • Nice-sized regional centre
    • Good population growth
    • Good income growth
    • Diverse economy—tourism, sugarcane industry, mining

Quick tip and action

  • There’s a case study presentation of this project over on the Property Zest website where you can see the process we went through and the property we purchased if you’re interested in having a look at it.