EPI 069 | Renovation gems and how to spot them

Everyday property investing - podcast episode

Renovation gems and how to spot them

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Things we talk about

  • Finding that great renovation deal
  • What does a ‘great renovation deal’ mean
  • The location
  • Understanding the target market
  • Property features and characteristics
  • The deal
 Census website
Quick tip and action
  • Check out the demographics reports on your favourite real estate website
  • Check out the Census data 




  1. Lucy Macdermott says:

    I was listening to your podcast about renovation gems. You did mention that you and your guest were frustrated with the Block because there was too much drama and not enough about renovation.
    I felt the same frustration with your podcast -lots of spurious chat and giggling. There were some good points but I did not enjoy listening to your podcast and turned if off.

    • Hi Lucy

      Thanks for your feedback on the podcast.

      I’m sorry that you found the show frustrating.
      Our show is a light hearted entertainment style show that tries to bring property investing information to people in a way that is entertaining and fun.

      I enjoy keeping the podcasts lighthearted and chatty in style as it makes it fun to do and fun for our guests and most of our listeners appreciate this style. Perhaps there may be some other podcasts out there that have a more ‘serious’ style that could suit you better. You could try ‘Realestate talk’ with Kevin Turner or ‘I love Real Estate’ with Dymphna Boholt.

      I’d suggest you certainly don’t listen to us for the next few months as we’re about to start a whole ‘Block debrief’ series that is just fun and chatty where we are talking about the show and we’ll have lots of spurious chat and giggling! You’ll really not enjoy that!

      All the best with your investing,


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