EPI 070 | Renovation: The Block Debrief 1 – Special Edition Podcast


Note: Please note, all images used in this article are from The Block website 


Trixie-Jonno Trixie and Johnno

  • Johnno, 40, electrical
    outfitter; Trixie, 37, mother
  • Experienced in renovating on
    a budget 
 Madi-Jarrod Madi and Jarrod

  • Childhood sweethearts from
  • Jarrod is a furniture maker;
    Madi is a designer
 Madi-jarrod ensuite
Bec-george  Bec and George

  • Greek and Italian husband-
    and-wife team from Melbourne
  • Bec is a beauty therapist;
    George is a bricklayer
Alisa-Lysandra Alisa and Lysandra

  • Identical twins police officer
    from Adelaide
  • Alisa dreams of being an
    interior designer; Lysandra of
    being a real estate agent
Alisa-Lysandra ensuite
Kim-Matt Kim and Matt

  • Quirky and funky couple from
  • Kim is a primary school
    teacher; Matt is an
    architecture student

 Note: Please note, all images used in this article are from The Block website 

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