Things we talk about

Brisbane map What’s News

  • Our reno project is (finally) done and dusted
  • What’s next: A small scale development or
    another renovation project?
  • Brisbane market is heating up
house_market_graph_400_clr_12473 Steps of analysing the property to determine pricing

  1. Comparable listings
  2. Comparable sales
  3. Things that can also have an impact – flood
    location, proximity to other buildings
    (e.g flats, car yard), back of battleaxe, main road
  4. Zoning of property and zoning of property around it
  5. Past sales history of the actual property
  6. Historical growth of the area since last sale
  7. How much do you want it?
    How much competition is there for it.
  8. Getting bamboozled by the real estate agent

Quick tip and action

due diligence
  • Write out a checklist that you will go through
    with each property you want to offer on
  • If there is a property you’re interested in,
    go through this exercise of due diligence
    and come to a decision on your first offer
    and your final offer.