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What’s news

  • The latest on Mastermind Jo’s reno
  • Buying in a hot market
    • The stats aren’t keeping up
    • Limited opportunity for discounts
    • Multiple offer situations
    • Getting in quick
    • Knowing what the value is
    • Looking to the next suburbs
Moorooka renovation Feature 

  • Buyer’s Agent Lisa Parker interviews Kaz
    about the Moorooka reno project

Quick tip and action

  • If you are looking to make a reno flip project
    work then buying in a hot market means that
    you may find it hard to make the numbers work
  • If it is a hot market and growth is expected then
    really, you should be doing your darndest to
    hold the property
  • For small scale residential investment, the
    money is in the long term capital growth and
    the flip should only be used where you are
    unable to hold the property for some reason