What’s news

  • Mastermind Jo on making an offer, being ready to go, and sticking to your guns
  • Kaz bought a property in her SMSF

Feature – Jane Slack-Smith on Reno Mistakes

  • Renovation mistakes, money suckers and add value tips
  • The Ultimate Guide to Renovation course is getting ready to open it’s doors again!
  • Sign up to Jane’s course via Everyday Property Investing
    and get 2 special bonuses!:
    A 30-minute renovation or investing strategy session
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Quick tip and action

  • Are you ready to purchase?
    • Do you have a deposit?
    • Do you have finance approval?
    • Do you have the purchase entity set up?
    • Do you have all the documentation you need on hand?
    • Do you know what your criteria is?
    • Do you know what location you are going to focus on?