What’s news

  • Kaz and Melbourne buyers agent Lisa Parker talk about proposed changes to negative gearing 


Feature – Tackling Age-old property questions

Nhan Nguyen tackles common property questions:

  • Houses vs Units
  • Buy and Hold vs Quick turnover
  • Capital growth vs Cashflow
  • Inner city vs outer suburbs
  • Build vs buy established
  • Buy PPR first vs buy IP first

Quick tip and action

  • Bearing in mind that your strategy evolves over time and also different types of properties are relevant for you at different points in time – have a think about where you sit on some of these questions.
  • Perhaps they aren’t all relevant to you but some will be – inner city vs outer suburban, build vs buy, units vs houses.
  • Maybe thinking through your rationale – is it logical, does it make sense
  • This sort of exercise is helpful if clarifying your investing strategy