What’s news

  • Cate Bakos (Cate Bakos Property) on the current market conditions in Melbourne
  • Entry level points for Units and Houses in Melbourne


Feature – Bookkeeping requirements and how to do it properly

In our feature segment today we talk to Penny Buchanan of The Property Investor’s Bookkeeper to talk about:


  • How much holding a property is costing you
  • So you have an accounting software—now what?
  • Why it’s important NOT to wait until the end of financial year to have things in order
  • Understanding your financials
  • The Property Investor’s Bookkeeper

Quick tip and action

  • Take a look at your investment property bookkeeping systems—are they working for you? Are you collecting information and are you going about it the right way?

  • Use a spreadsheet, Xero or any bookkeeping system or any online tool related to property investing –whatever you use, make sure it is working for you!