What’s news

  • Buying at Christmas time–is it a good idea?
  • What are the pros and cons of buying during the holiday period?


Feature – Capital Growth drivers

Capital Growth


  • Kaz and Melbourne Buyers Agent Lisa Parker compared notes on what they think are the top capital growth drivers. The following made it to their list:
    • Demand/Supply
    • Population Growth
    • Transport
    • Facilities and Services, Infrastructure projects
    • Income
    • Surrounding suburb activity
    • Water
    • Schools
    • Proximity to cbd
    • Backing onto parks, creeks, walkways (depending on where you live!)
    • Family friendly areas
    • Character homes

Quick tip and action

  • Using the list of capital growth drivers, choose a city and a likely budget that you would buy in and identify a list of 3-5 suburbs that you think would fit the bill of a good growth location.
  • It’s a good exercise to get you thinking and who know, perhaps this is the list of your next investment property location?