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  • Lisa Parker on securing your site when you’re undertaking a renovation project
  • Kaz on being festive!


Feature – Barriers to buying


  • Waiting for something better to come along
  • Identifying insignificant reasons
  • Analysis paralysis
  • Not seeing enough to make decision
  • Thinking it’s not a good time to buy – always
  • Unrealistic expectations of market
  • Unrealistic expectations of your budget
  • Psychological price points


Quick tip and action

  • Have a think about where you are at in terms of making your next purchase, whether it’s your first purchase or not.  
  • What’s holding you back?  Perhaps it’s money and you’re not quite ready to buy but perhaps it’s something else – are you busy and not really paying attention and perhaps you already have the money or equity available to buy?  I think this one is me at the moment!
  • Or perhaps there’s something else holding you back?  Maybe you heard a little bit of yourself in our discussion today!
  • Your mission – if you choose to accept – is to assess where you are at and make a commitment to a timeframe for buying and a list of actions you need to do beforehand and then get to it!