What’s news

  • Cate Bakos on auctions, lenders tightening the purse strings, pre-approvals
  • Kaz on making offers for herself


Feature – Big investing mistake



CATE: Five big investing mistakes

  1. Ignoring the TITLE TYPE
  2. Overlooking the limited scarcity value of a property
  3. Favouring brick over weatherboard for the wrong reasons
  4. Bringing Feng Shui into decision making.
  5. Believing agent’s underquoted price tags

KAZ: Five big investing mistakes

  1. Units
  2. Flooding
  3. Maintenance nightmares
  4. Housing styles bias
  5. Small blocks in outer suburbs, transport/facilities wilderness (deep suburbia)


Quick tip and action

  • Review the mistakes that Cate and I have covered off
  • Are you making of these mistakes?
  • Review your criteria for a good investment property and rid yourself of any ‘personal bias’ in your decision making, hopefully focus in on what makes a good investment