What’s news

  • Kaz – finds her dream property, complete with asbestos roof and fence, unsafe structures, leaking ceilings and live termites!
  • Lisa – discusses standardised rating systems for properties and whether these are a good idea or not specific enough to an individual’s requirements and situation


Feature – Winning the Property Game – with solicitor Mark Game

Mark Game from Aylward Game Solicitors Interview with solicitor Mark Game from Aylward Game Solicitors in Brisbane:

  • Role of solicitor and conveyancer in the transaction and when to engage them
  • What due diligence/searches are involved in the process
  • What are some of the common issues or problems faced by buyers
  • Top tips for buyers

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Quick tip and action

  • When buying in a particular state, try to use expertise from or very familiar with the property law of that particular state
  • Do you have a solicitor/conveyancer to work with?
  • Your team is important!  
  • Seek recommendations, talk to them first, understand fees, are the readily accessible?