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In today’s episode we have a great interview with Steve Davis from Lifestyles Unlimited, a property education and mentoring group in the US.  As we’ve previously talked about US Property on our website and as we all know if we read any sort of media US Property is a hot topic in Australia, so it was fantastic to get some information about investing in the US from a local!  As with all areas of any significant size, the ‘US Property market’ may be a bit of a myth as there are many markets, which can behave quite differently.  Have a listen to Steve as he gives some insight into his life as a professional investor and property mentor.

We also have news on what we are up to with our property investing, a listener question, quick tip and action!

Key points we talk about:

  • Land Tax in Australia
  • Interview with Steve Davis, Property investor, educator and mentor

Things we mention:



  • Find 3 properties in your chosen areas and find out:
    • Annual Growth
    • Median Price for that type of property in your location
    • Rental Yield
    • Vacancy rates


View the transcript here (Coming Soon)