EPI019 | Property development – Interview with Jo Chivers from Property Bloom

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In this episode of Everyday Property Investing, Kaz had the great pleasure of speaking with Jo Chivers, from Property Bloom.

Jo is an experienced and accomplished property investor, property developer, renovation manager, project manager and even, author! It was a great interview to learn about how Jo took her passion and knowledge and grew a successful business whilst helping others fulfil their property investing goals.

In this episode we also tell you all about our property news, and trust me, there’s plenty! We remind you about our new group mentoring program, Everyday Property Mastermind and we have our listener question comes from Claud who asks about using a buyer’s agent or buyer’s advocate.

This is an another action packed episode, so much so, we’ve gone well over the 1 hr mark this episode – oops! Have to stop having so much fun!

Key points we talk about:

  • Property development
  • Property investing
  • Property education



  • If property development sounds interesting for you and you’re looking for a way to get in and have a go, checkout this Property Bloom Positive Cash Flow flyer. Jo has a great positive cashflow small development strategy that may suit you. It outlines a fantastic high yield positive cashflow property development strategy.


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Everyday Property Mastermind is open! Check out the videos here and sign up if you’re interested in these group mentoring sessions we are offering.

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