What’s news

  • A quick chat with Melbourne Buyer’s Agent Lisa Parker about auctions
  • Kaz talks about when to pay asking price


Feature – Melbourne Buyer’s Advocate Cate Bakos


  • Cate’s investing journey for herself and helping others
  • Her 4 tips for those who want to get started:
    • Chat with a broker who knows his/her stuff and will tell you about your borrowing capacity
    • Think what you want out of property investing
    • Subscribe to a property investing magazine you’ll enjoy reading
    • Don’t be too scared and procrastinate into not doing something
  • Cate Bakos Property

Quick tip and action

  • Look back at your investing journey and assess the learnings and mistakes you’ve encountered, where have you been and where you are headed

  • Take the time to acknowledge that you are progressing–or if you haven’t started, why not start now?