Everyday Property Investing Magazine — Issue 8 —Renovation Special

Everyday Property Investing Magazine Issue 8


Attention, renovation enthusiasts! The latest issue of Everyday Property Investing Magazine is all about renovation in the real world (as opposed to what happens in TV reality show!). It all starts with buying that right property in the right location—but how do you spot those so-called renovation gems?

Our resident renovation expert and designer Jane Eyles-Bennett helps us spot those renovation gems plus things you need to do when you are not local to the area you’ve chosen. We also looked into renovation feasibility and whether your planned project would stack up.

Our regular columnists, Jo Chivers and Jane Slack-Smith, meanwhile, offer gems of wisdom on “translating” those building and pest inspection reports and the many types of renovation (from rejuvenation to “detonation”).

Indeed this issue of EPI Magazine is a renovator’s delight! Got an iPad? EPIM is a great app to have whether you’re a novice or a veteran investor. Check out our  low subscription package here.


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