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  1. Hi Den and Kaz,
    I’ve been listening to your podcasts a lot and I must confess that I’m getting addicted to it and my wife’s been complaining about me all the time with my earphones on 🙂
    Maybe you have already talked about that, but you guys sometimes comment about your tenants not paying rent. Do you guys have landlord insurance? The settlement for my 1st IP will happen on 11/04 and promptly got landlord insurance along with the building insurance and I found it inexpensive for the peace of mind. What do you guys think?
    Thanks very much and keep up the fantastic work!
    Kind regards

    • Hi Rod

      Thanks for your email and I’m glad you’re enjoying the show!

      In regards to landlord insurance, definitely, yes. I always have landlord insurance on all of my properties. You can’t make a claim on the unpaid rent though unless you have evicted the tenant and evicting a tenant is a long, slow and difficult process. For example, when I had tenants not paying rent, trips to tribunal would see the tribunal simply put them on a payment plan, which they would then stick with to get back on track over a period of months and then a couple of months later they would stop paying again. We went through that cycle three times and every time the tribunal just put them on a payment plan. In the end we gave them notice (which had to be 90 or 120 days….can’t remember which). The whole process from the start of the tenants not paying to having them out of the property would have been well over 12 months, many of those months we were owed money from them. So, insurance it definitely a good thing but wasn’t helpful on this case!



  2. Hi Kaz and Den
    I am a person who never bothers to write comments on any public website. But I have to congratulate you two with such wonderful podcast. I am a music teacher who has my own piano and singing studio in Sydney. I have one investment property and now look for the second one to buy. If not because of your podcast I will not know where to start. I am listening to it in my car everyday, all the time. And read all the books you guys suggest! I like how you two make it very real and very simple for us. Also knowing Den is also a teacher I found it very inspiring . I love my job and don’t want to change it. It’s good to know that property investment is for people who know how. thank you guys. Keep up with the good work.

    • Hi Susie
      Thanks for your comment and kind words. I’m really pleased that that you are enjoying the show and it’s great that you’re finding some useful information and inspiration!

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