About 18 months ago we ran the first series of our Everyday Property MastermindGroups and it was a great success!  We had many people purchase their first property during or not long after the Mastermind course and we had many people really take their knowledge and confidence in property investing to the next level.

At long last, I’m excited to say that Mastermind is back! Once again we’ll be running just a few small groups so that we can ensure you get the attention you need and get your questions answered.

The format of Mastermind this time around will be slightly different and I’ll be putting out a video in the next few days that will give you the ins and outs of what Mastermind is and how it will run.  If you’re interested in Mastermind, then send me an email and let me know, I’ll add you to the early notification list – I anticipate to open up the courses within the next week or two.