Property investment books - positive cashflow property

From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years, Second Edition

Steve McKnight

Kaz: A really inspiring book and one that will have you raring to go out and find an opportunity. Steve goes over the numbers in a simple and straight forward manner, explaining some really important concepts.

Steve McKnight wrote the first version of this book some time back. It’s a really simple read but an amazing success story as well as educational material for property investors. This revised version has additional content as well as being updated to reflect the changes in the property market over more recent times.

This one is surely a must read for those starting out or even if you have purchased a few properties but are wanting to know more about positive cashflow property and assessing a deal.

Den: I wasn’t as keen on this book, but I did get the sense of inspiration you are talking about Kaz. In his book, Steve looks at many different ways you can make money out of property, and as such it provides great education. You can learn about property acquisition, deal-making, wraps, development and selling, and it may inspire you to become a real property high-flier. It’s your choice.

As an everyday person who works a job, has a family and wants to increase my security in the future, I’m looking for a book which talks about positive cash-flow property in a little more depth. This book is a great reference that I dip into every now and then.

While I don’t give this book five blazing stars, I do suggest buying this book and familiarising yourself with the contents. It’s great education but it may not become your bible.