There are two types of people in this world.

Well, ok, that’s a massive over simplification, but for the sake of this article, there are two types of people in the world!

There are those who have the abundance mindset and those who have the scarcity mindset. Those with an abundance mindset believe that there is plenty to go around – when applied to success and particularly property investing success, these people are happy to see others succeed, they are happy to help others succeed and to share their knowledge to help others to move forward in life.

People with a scarcity mindset look at success as something that only a few can have and they don’t want you to have it as it might mean that they will miss out. These are the people who won’t tell you where they are looking for their next property just in case you get a good deal there and they miss out. These people may tell you about how difficult things are and not share the knowledge or expertise they have or limit their giving of knowledge, after all they wouldn’t want you to move ahead of them on the success ladder.

You will see these types of people in all aspects of life and some may even be people who are close to you. Obviously I’ve presented polar opposites here but there may be shades of grey all the way in between.

I am a strong believer in the abundance philosophy. There is enough to go around and wherever possible I will share my knowledge and experience to help others to find their success and when they succeed I am genuinely pleased for them. The way I look at it is that I am doing my best to climb the success ladder and I want to bring as many people as I can with me!

These are also the types of people that I surround myself with and I strongly recommend that you do that same! Having people around you who want you to succeed will help you in your journey and the synergy created by like minds is far greater.

The important message here is to be the right type of person and wherever possible surround yourself with the right type of person. It will make a huge difference to your success journey.