Property Development - house plans

Two exciting things happened today on the property investing and property development front.

First of all, the Everyday Property Investing podcast has been formally accepted into the iTunes podcast directory – hoorah!  This means you can easily access and subscribe to the podcast from iTunes.  Just search for ‘Property Investing’ and you’ll see us!

Secondly, the house plans that I ordered from the council have arrived for the property I’m looking at developing.  This block of land isn’t really very big and although I’m hoping there may be something we can do, I’m not going hold all my hopes on it but it’s worth finding out the answer from the experts rather than just trying to speculate myself or die wondering!

A question that often gets asked when it comes to property development is ‘how big does a block need to be to put a dwelling on it?’.  I thought I’d just speak to that for a moment.  You see we all want the answer to just be a simple number that we can just remember and be done with, but come on now folks, we’re dealing with rules, regulations, government and bureaucracy!  So the answer is…it depends…more specifically it depends on the local area rules and regulations as well as more generic building rules and regulations – all of which I am not an expert is.  So what do you do if you want to find out…that’s right, you consult your expert team.  So next step for me and the house plans is that I will take a copy and send them to the local draftsperson for initial assessment (local to the property, not local to me!).  If the draftsperson, with their expert knowledge says it can potentially be done then we’ll get some plans drawn up and then take the next step – the local council.