Property investment books - positive cashflow

Margaret Lomas

Den: This is probably the most inspirational book I have ever read as far as property investing goes. Margaret applies total common sense in her well-written and easy-to-understand books, and there is something everybody can learn from her.
Prior to reading Margaret’s books, I had researched property investing thoroughly (and bought one property). Despite my considerable research, I had never read a book that seemed make sense, or echo my own ideas – until this one. Margaret explains the basics of property investing as well as including a decent dose of inspiration.
This one is a high recommendation from me!

Kaz: If you haven’t read one of Margaret Lomas’ books – and there are many to choose from – then you…well…you just should!
I have three of them including this one and it’s a great starting point and awesome introduction to the wonderful, wonderful world of positive cashflow! This book, for me, was one of those turning points where I just realised that I too, could invest in property, despite not having squillions of dollars. That is a powerful realisation and one that lots of people could benefit from.

Similarly to Steve McKnight, Margaret Lomas also takes the time to explain the numbers in an easy to follow format – and you really do need to understand the numbers to be successful in the property investing game.

I’ve got a feeling this might have been the first book from Margaret Lomas – though don’t quote me on that one – but it really is a good one and I’d recommend it to all. There are many others after than one – but you probably don’t need all of them as they can be a bit same-same, so just try this one first!