Investing in your property investing education

Property Investing education

Last week I attended a property investing ‘event’.   It was the Property Women seminar in Melbourne all about ‘Finding and FUNding the deal’, featuring Rachel Barnes (who we’ve talked about here on the Everyday Property Investing website previously), Judith Taylor and special guest presenter Ana Stankovic of Renovate and Profit.  Now as you may be aware I love property!  I love talking about it, learning about it, buying it and spending time with others who share my interest in property investing.  Property seminars, therefore, are just heaven to me!

This great event saw some great presentations on funding deals, finding deals and renovation.  All things that are highly relevant to me at present as we are actively looking for our first renovation deal.

There are some people out there who may have thought of attending an event but are yet to do so.  Here are some common reasons that I’ve heard:

  • Seminars cost too much money
  • Seminars are just an upsell to expensive products
  • I already know the stuff they are presenting

I’m going to take a closer look at each of these reasons and just share some of my thoughts.

Seminars cost too much money

Some seminars are free, some cost a little and some cost a lot.  I would love to attend many different property seminars but realize that if I did, I’d probably never have any money left to actually invest.  So for me, I look closely at the seminar content and determine if the content is:

  1. relevant to what I am doing and what my current goals are
  2. offering what I consider value for money
  3. within my budget

A seminar may be offering fantastic content but if I just don’t have the money, or it’s not something I will use immediately or in the short term then I generally won’t attend.  This may still leave you with a heap of events you’d love to attend, but like all things in life, sometimes you’ll just need to prioritize!

Seminars are just an upsell to expensive products

They can be.  Personally, I don’t have an issue with that, there are a lot of fantastic mentoring programs on offer and that may be just the thing you need.   If you are looking for a mentor then attending the ‘presell’ seminar can not only give you some great education, but let you see if the person offering the course or mentoring program would be a good match for you.

Of course, whether or not you decide to purchase further products is up to you and something you need to evaluate against your strategy, budget and priorities.

I already know the stuff they are presenting

There are a couple of points to make about this one.  Firstly, it doesn’t matter who you are, everyone has something to learn.  You need to be open to learning.   I learn something everytime I attend a property event or seminar.  Sometimes, the content is certainly familiar to me, but there will always be something that I pick up.  At the Property Women event last week, even Rachel Barnes, who is an experienced investor and property mentor to many said that she loves these events because she learns something new everytime.  That is the sort of attitude that we can all do with.

Secondly, the wonderful thing about seminars is that you not only benefit from the presentations and special guests but you are generally there with tens or even hundreds of other investors who all have different experiences to you.  Networking is a wonderful way to learn and even to find new business partners.  So get in there and talk to others.  My philosophy in life is that everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach.

Investing in your education

Educating yourself and continuing your education should always be an investing priority for you.  Attending events like the one I went to last week offers education, friendship, networking, inspiration and motivation to take action!

So, have you been to any seminars or events – leave a comment to tell us about it!

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