property investing - many ways to skin a catThere are many ways to be successful in property.

I’m very fortunate to get the opportunity to speak to many different investors in my role with Everyday Property Investing.  I also read magazines, books, newspapers and property blogs to keep up to date and learn more.

You will hear different strategies from different people and these strategies may have made these people a LOT of money.

Those strategies may be fantastic strategies and if you’re anything like me then you get excited to hear about the many ways you can be successful with property.   There are many ways to ‘skin a cat’ when it comes to property investing.

BUT – here’s the thing….

You can’t do them all.

Sad, I know, but it is really important that you educate yourself about the strategies that may work, then choose what yours will be and focus on it.  Really learn about it, immerse yourself in it, live it and breath it and make it happen.  Too many people get caught up in the hype of ‘the next big thing’ or get on the merry-go-round of seminars and learning and never actually implement or implement a little bit of everything and never perfect their craft.

One thing that you’ll note from many successful people is that they focused on one technique and perfected it.  Think about that for a minute.

I was listening to the recordings of a business seminar recently and one speaker described it like this.  If you jump from one thing to the next all the time it’s like you’re digging a little hole but you don’t find treasure so you move to the next spot and dig a little there, but you also find nothing, pretty soon you’ve dug a whole bunch of little holes in the ground but you just never went deep enough to find the treasure.

You need to determine your one technique and perfect it too.  The importance of focus cannot be underestimated, it will accelerate your success.

The other point that I want to make here is that sometimes property ‘gurus’ will assert that their method is the only method that will make you successful and if you aren’t doing it that way then what you are doing is wrong.  Once again, there are many ways to skin a cat.  So don’t be put off by people telling you that there is only one way to succeed with property investing.  There isn’t.  In fact you are spoilt for choice!

Now read the first part of this post again – and focus on your choice!