Real estate investment books

More Wealth from Residential Property

Jan Somers

Kaz: Ahhh…Jan…an oldie but a goodie! This book was one of the first property books I ever bought, perhaps not as quirky and hip as some of the more current books, but it’s really solid basics in an easy to understand format. Fundamentals that everyone should know!

Apparently this was Jan’s fourth book – but hey, I didn’t even know that until now, so I’m guessing it’s no great loss if you missed the first ones! From what I’ve read on Jan Somer’s website the others are all out of print now, so that means you can really just focus on this one!

Oh – and if you’re in need of an 80’s style website fix, go take a look at the Somersoft website, it’s hilarious. Now before you think I’m really laying into Jan and her website – don’t get me wrong – she’s probably just too busy relaxing and living life on the proceeds of all of investments – so good on her, I reckon I wouldn’t care too much about my website either if I’d had all the success she has!

Den: This is the first book I ever read about investing in property, and it’s great. It’s written in plain English, is easy to understand, and it is based on real ideas and not some way-out “make a million dollars in one minute” scam. It’s the perfect place to start.