Due diligence is one of the important stages in property investing. Before doing some leg work, preliminary assessment of potential deals is an important process that take a big chunk of any property investor’s time. Good thing, online resources abound.

But with so many resources available online, how do you determine which ones are worth your time (and money!)?

In this webinar we talk with Matt Jones from Property Resource Shop as we discuss three paid online property resources and weigh the value of subscribing to these resources: 1) Real Estate Investar, 2) RP Data, and 3) PriceFinder.

Assessing Paid Online Property Investing Resources




Things We Talked About

Three paid online resources

Real Estate Investar

  • 03:19 — cost of subscription
  • 04:00—searching properties using different parameters
  • 10:08—Valuer Report tool (desktop valuation of a property)

RP Data

  • 18:01—ability to customise  dashboard
  • 20:00—advertising history feature
  • 23:42—RP Map

Price Finder

  • 30:00—Features
  • 40:10—Cost
  • 44:00—Property Deal Finder offer

Cost of subscription
Value For Money


Property Deal Finder Toolkit

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prop-deal-finder_package***Get Matt’s Property Deal Finder Toolkit using the link below and you will get:

  • One-year access to PriceFinder
  • One-year access to monthly deal finder webinars
  • 6 months access to Property Resource Shop membership site
  • Audio recording: 15 Things You Need To Know Before Quitting Your Job
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