Property development update – choosing colours and materials

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Time for another update on my property development project – a three bedroom townhouse.

I received an email from the draftsperson last week which had a list of questions for us all around the building materials we would use, the roof pitch, the fences and the colour schemes!  I hadn’t really thought that I’d need to know this stuff so early on, however, it seems that this information all forms a part of the plans that must go to the local council for submission and hopefully, approval.

Some of the questions were actually quite difficult and I had to seek some advice from a builder and a  lot of advice from the Internet!  Now this being an investment property for us, it is so much easier to make quick decisions about these things, however, you still do need to make sure you are happy to live by your decisions because if you vary from the plans which you submit and gain approval for, in some cases you could get yourself into some trouble.

I wanted to share an online resources that was recommended to me and which I really helpful in working out the colour scheme for the townhouse.  It’s an online simulator where you can select and change the colours and materials of various sections of a house and see how they will look.  It gives you the actual names of the colours for each of the materials, which is really helpful.  So if you need to do some colour scheme planning try out this Colorbond Online Visualiser.

So, I’ve gone with the some very standard dark and light browns as I think it’s always a good idea when building a property that you may want to sell down the track to stick with the ‘ordinary’ rather than the extravagant.  Usually this is much cheaper and also appeals to a much wider audience for resale purposes.

Well that’s it for now, will keep you posted!

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